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About Me
Hi! I am Luca Adelina and I am a Graphic Design Student from The Netherlands.

I guess you're here to get to know me better right? I'm not that good at talking about myself but I'll give it a shot!

I am 19 years old and currently studying Graphic Design in a small town in The Netherlands called Velp. I'm now in my second year of my study and I really quite enjoy it! some of the subjects I really like are: Photography and After Effects. Ofcourse there are also things that I really want to get better at for example: Webdesign and Videography (Editing).

Besides my study I really love F1 and everything related to car racing. Because I don't own a drivers license, I love playing Racing games on my Xbox One. I'm not only racing in those games but also enjoy taking pictures of the cars that I drive in those games.

I also like clothing and because of that there is a slight chance that I am going to start my own clothing brand with a friend of mine. nothing is certain yet but it is in the works.

Web design
After Effects
PremiƩre Pro

Here you can see all the skills I possess. Besides all of those I can work in Word & Powerpoint. I an speak multiple languages: my native is Dutch. English is one of my best non-native languages. I can understand German & French.


This is a selEction of pictures that i took of my friends. if they aren't shot by me I edited them.

Printed Goods

Here you can see some of my posters, flyers and magazines. The most of it was commissioned by school. I have some more work that can't go onto the site. so if you want to see more just contact me via Mail!

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